SECA intelligence


Analytics and Reporting

SECA's business intelligence, real-time analytics, and reporting capabilities make you more specific and gain more insight into quality processes and systems to understand what works and what doesn't work in your organization.

User-Friendly Interface

SECA is designed to provide users with a user-friendly interface. This is a very simple and straightforward solution to avoid operational confusions.

Flexibility and Scalability

SECA is a cloud-based software that assures flexibility and scalability to meet the growing needs of the regulated industry.

Compliance Led

SECA's eSignatures feature adds security and convenience to processes such as approval and verification while maintaining quality and legal compliance.

Greater Security

Advanced built-in features such as SECA's role-based accessibility, allow organizations to reflect the reliability of their solutions and maintain the security of important records and information.

Unified Database

SECA has a centralized database for storing and managing business information, maximizing data integrity and security while minimizing data redundancy.

Audit Trail

SECA's audit trail feature ensures compliance to 21 CFR 11 requirements while improving the overall traceability for managing process and quality costs.

Alerts and Notifications

You can use SECA to configure alerts and notifications for important events. You can also set the frequency of such notifications whenever you need to send continuous reminders.

Other Features

Track Individual Performances
Know whether you really need a CAPA
Strategize control by tracking error mechanisms
Utilization statistics – User and Department specific
Dark mode for reduced eye-fatigue
Announcements within the sites
User-specific Interactive Dashboards
Trending errors in site and organization
Suggestions for effective CAPA
Auto fill similar investigation with same CAPAs in a click
Decision making by tracking CIFs
Easy subscription license model
Individual accesses for different users
Unique usability (UI/UX Design)
Cloud backup system
Automatic software updates
Alerts/Notifications/ reminders
21 CFR, GAMP5 Compliant
Activity time tracker and audit trails
Lifecycle blueprint for Management
Human Cognition friendly set-up
Comparative statistics for top management
Audit ready Reports
Data Import/Export as PDF/ Excel
Real Time Data, analytics & Reporting
Workflow Management
Easy review and approval cycle
iConnect feature (24/7 Support)
Unified database

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