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Unveil the reasons behind our pride in our product SECA. Explore the features, innovations, and unparalleled quality that make us stand tall. Here is what sets SECA apart and makes it a source of pride for our team and, most importantly, our users.

What Do Our Global Clients Say?

We’re a long-term partner in their success. Our commitment doesn’t end with implementation; it’s the beginning of a collaborative journey, ensuring sustained growth and innovation for your business.
Our clients view us as more than just a solution provider.
Our dedicated support team is not just responsive; we’re proactive, ensuring your journey with SECA is not only productive but genuinely enjoyable.
Our client have given our post-implementation customer service a stellar 5-star rating

Realizing increased efficiency in record time. Our constant and dedicated support ensure your journey towards optimization is not just smooth but remarkably rapid.

Our clients have achieved successful implementation with SECA

Implementation Success Rate

Navigating the realm of implementation success, our system shines with excellent ease of navigation, very good user-friendliness, and unwavering performance reliability, complemented by outstanding post-implementation support and competency building.

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Performance reliability

Post-implementation support

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What do the SECA Users say?

Very effectively widens the scope of investigation, helps to find correct root cause and prevent recurrence of major incidences in future.

Santnu P. R&D Department

Helps in attacking the issue with correct CAPA to avoid reoccurrence.

Sham Quality Management

Training, familiarity and experience do not eliminate errors. Root Cause identification using this tool will result in the selection of more suitable CAPAs to reduce the likelihood of a reoccurrence.

Claire QM Team

By far the best pathway to analyze errors. This pathway is the “looking glass” for correct error identification. Trainings & Re-trainings is not the solution for Human error; there are other solutions that exist!

Rashmi Associate Director, Quality

A CAPA can be assigned, only after, identifying the exact root cause. SECA helps us addressing exact root causes, leading to reduction in re-occurrences. We also use it to proactively to design processes, systems, work environment for error proofing and error prevention.

Indrajit Quality Assurance

Every investigation has multiple factors leading to the event failure instead of a single root cause. SECA helps in analyzing the various possibilities of the investigation and proposing the right CAPA.

R. Joshi Sr. Director, Quality Control

Deep dive into investigation to find out the actual cause for the human error. It has helped us in proposing and implementing the effective CAPA to minimize similar occurrences in future.

Tejas P. Director, Operations

Channelize, streamline and systematize error investigations. It gives us a direction moving forward to investigate human error and to identify the real root cause, improve the systems, based on multiple factors.

Tejas Engineering

It helps to look at human errors with a different perspective. Possibly highlighting the fact that not all human errors are completely person based. It will help me analyze the errors in a more wholistic manner.

Maulik Formulations Research Team

It helped to deep dive into the investigation instead of simply saying it was a human error. This helps in proposing an effective CAPA.

Dhaval Quality Control

Most Beneficial Features of SECA as per the SECA Users…

Know whether you really need a CAPA.

Human factors based CAPA suggestions.

Decision making by tracking CIFs.

Realtime trending errors in site and organization.

Strategize error control by tracking error-control mechanisms.