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The first-ever Investigation Software for Pharmaceuticals
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Error Control With a Systematic Approach
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Deriving Intelligent CAPAs for Human Errors
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About SECA intelligence

About SECA

SECA (A product by Heuristics Pharma Perceptions) is the world’s first cloud-based AI-enabled investigation and error control software designed exclusively for the pharmaceutical industry. It consists of integrated modules that work together to support quality, compliance, and more efficient and effective error control decision-making

Benefits of the Product

Streamline Operations

Tackle quality issues, glitches, and failures efficiently with intelligent solutions.

Reduce Cost Of Quality

Helps manufacturers and quality teams improve operational efficiency and reduce cost of quality.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement is integrated throughout the pharma business activities with quality checks.

Supply Chain Endurance

Reduces internal and external errors and ensures safe and effective product availability for customers.

Awards and Recognitions

Core Value of SECA Intelligence


We aim to go beyond the conventional methods of Quality Management with our transformational approach to existing enigma.


We bring together the Global experts to provide your Organization with the best possible solutions.


We ensure a high ethical approach of execution in terms of our Services to bring sustainability in your Systems.


We assure persistence in our workmanship to bring you the results that are beyond expectations.


We bring behavioural and cognitive science to investigate the real cause behind human errors!


Our Experts have worked for the leading Organizations around the World.

What do the SECA Users say?

Very effectively widens the scope of investigation, helps to find correct root cause and prevent recurrence of major incidences in future.

Santnu P. R&D Department

Helps in attacking the issue with correct CAPA to avoid reoccurrence.

Sham Quality Management

Training, familiarity and experience do not eliminate errors. Root Cause identification using this tool will result in the selection of more suitable CAPAs to reduce the likelihood of a reoccurrence.

Claire QM Team

By far the best pathway to analyze errors. This pathway is the “looking glass” for correct error identification. Trainings & Re-trainings is not the solution for Human error; there are other solutions that exist!

Rashmi Associate Director, Quality

A CAPA can be assigned, only after, identifying the exact root cause. SECA helps us addressing exact root causes, leading to reduction in re-occurrences. We also use it to proactively to design processes, systems, work environment for error proofing and error prevention.

Indrajit Quality Assurance